Where the Fun Begins

Small Groups, Big Adventures.


Jump In Headfirst And Be Prepared To Feel Tired, A Little Dirty And Very Much Alive With Wake Up Adventures


Misha Shokhodko

Tour designer & Guide


Ivan Castillo

Product & Event Designer


Clemence Derrien

Tour Designer & Guide

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Andreas Magani

Guide & Operations

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Paola Pinilla

Logistic & Operations

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Corio Da Pinha Santos

Brand ambassador

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Sergio Cabrera

Executive Chef & Menu designer








If you’re feeling like you need some excitement in your life, you’re not alone.


The demands of a modern lifestyle mean more time at work, with less time to get outdoors and explore the natural wonders that our amazing planet has to offer.


The unique landscapes combined with a passion for adventure and watersports inspired me an Emirati Geologist, Bader Lardhi and my dear friend Ivan Castillo to create Wake Up Adventures back in 2017.


A combination of Emirati hospitality and Uruguayan warmth make each tour distinctly unique.


“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller” – Ibn Battuta


Don’t let life pass you by, start making memories now!


An unforgettable experience with Wake Up Adventures is waiting for you.








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